Crepelicious Menu

We use only fresh ingredients and proudly serve Premium ice cream, Ghirardelli Chocolate, and Tea Forte.

*Before placing your order, please inform us of any food allergy you might have
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Dessert Crepes*

Plain Crepe
Add $0.50 for Nutella or Chocolate sauce
Add $1.00 for Strawberries or Banana
Add $1.25 for Strawberries and Banana
Add $2.50 for all Fruits (Blueberries, Strawberries, Banana, and Raspberries)
Nutella Crepe
Add $0.50 for Chocolate sauce or Nutella
Add $1.00 for Strawberries or Banana
Add $1.25 for Strawberries and Banana
Add $2.50 for all Fruits (Blueberries, Strawberries, Banana, and Raspberries)
Fruit Nutella
Choice of Strawberries or Banana with Nutella
Cinnamon, Brown sugar, Butter, Cream cheese glazed
French Toast Crepe
Coffee Mascarpone cheese, cinnamon, sugar, topped with fresh strawberry and maple syrup
Nutella, Oreo, Marshmallow, and topped with chocolate sauce
Strawberry, Brie & Honey $6.75
Strawberry Cheesecake Crepe
R & B Crepe
Fresh raspberries, Brownies, Whipped cream, and Raspberry sauce
Peanut butter, Banana, Nutella, and Vanilla ice cream

Savory Crepe*

Meat & Cheese
Choice of Ham or Turkey with cheese
Maple Bacon
Bacon, Cinnamon, Walnuts, Maple Syrup
Pizza Crepe
Red sauce, Oregano, Pepperoni, and Mozzarella cheese
Banana Bacon Chocolate / Banana Bacon Peanut Butter
Bacon and Bananas with a choice of Chocolate or Peanut butter
Apple & Brie
Apple, Turkey, Walnuts, and Brie
Bacon or Sausage, Egg & Cheese
Choice of Bacon or Sausage, Egg, Cheddar, and Mozzarella
Caprese Crepe
Tomato, Basil, Mozzarella Cheese and Balsamic
Western Style with Meat
Your Choice of Ham or Turkey, Cheese, Pepper, Onion, and Mushroom
Fig, Onion, Bacon, Brie New!! $8.50
* $1 Extra for Gluten-free or Buckwheat Crepes

Crepe Cakes

Our Homemade Crepe Cakes consist of Thin Layered Crepes seperated with Freshly Made Sweet Whip Cream

By the slice
Whole crepe cake (8 pcs)*
Gluten Free Whole crepe cake (Choice of Vanilla or Chocolate only)*
Vanilla Crepe Cake
Served with your choice of homemade fresh Strawberry Sauce or Ghirardelli’s Chocolate Sauce
Chocolate Crepe Cake
Layers of crepe and Freshly made chocolate fresh cream
Crepe – Ramisu Cake
Layers of crepe, Tiramisu mascarpone, Lady Fingers and Fresh Coffee Cream. It’s a fresh twist on Tiramisu
Green Tea Crepe Cake
Layers of green tea crepe and homemade sweet green tea fresh cream
* Pre-order only (please provide us at least one day notice)

Special Desserts

Banana Cream Pie Cup $3.75
Vanilla Ice Cream with a Shot of Espresso
French Macarons $6.00/box
Crepelicious Toast
A generous slice of White Toast baked with Sweet Butter, Honey, Powdered Sugar and Vanilla Ice Cream. Garnished with Fresh Fruit
Banana Caramel Toast
A generous slice of White Toast with Banana and Caramel Sauce topped with Vanilla Ice Cream.
Choconut Toast
A generous slice of White Toast with Nutella and Almonds topped with Chocolate Ice Cream.

Hot Beverages

Hot Coffee (Reg/Decaf)*
Sumartra black satin: bold, full bodied, and earthy undertones (free refill)
Espresso gold roast: Sweet, mellow, with low acidity
Cappuccino/Latte* $3.25/$4.00
Cafe Mocha/Caramel* $3.75/$4.25
Hot Chocolate $3.25
Specialty Teas
Green tea, Earl Grey (black), Raspberry Nectar (caffeine-free), English Breakfast (regular or decaf)
* With Soy milk, Lactose-free milk $0.50/ Add extra espresso shot $0.60

Cold Beverages

Regular Iced Coffee $2.50
Iced Tea $3.25
Bubble Tea (Milk tea with tapioca pearls)
All of our menu items contain wheat, eggs, milk, and nuts.
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